Food Photography (and Writing)

I’ve been doing food photography (and food writing) since the day I graduated. But, I did it for formal purposes, which was my job.

My job was to write and take pictures of food. The stalls, the hawker, the street food, the restaurants, any food that being sold – I wrote food as a reporter. Or, content writer.

Then I went freelancing, still writing and taking pictures of food on demand. But, being freelancing, I was getting used to look at food from different angle. I tried to look for the stories. This effected my pictures and writings.

And, I learnt (and still learning) on anthropology. This gave me a broader view of food.

Anyway, what I want to say was that I made this blog to learn and share about food photography – and sometimes, writing also. Because, there are so much knowledge out there that make us impossible to stop learing.

Also, as any photography, food photography is quite tricky. A different writing needs a different angle. A different story needs a different composition.

Let’s learn.

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