Ready to Take Those Photos?

The first thing to do if you want to learn about food photography is to master the technical.

It starts from understanding your camera. Of course, knowing about F-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO and how they all work together is better. Also learning about the white balance can make you get better picture, because it affects the color of the image.

Ideally, learning all of those are important, when you have your professional camera ready. Assuming, you want to shoot in manual camera mode.

But, let’s face it. Not everybody have a DSLR or mirrorless. And it’s okay – as long as it is not for business/professional purposes.

My first camera was an analog-SLR, manual focus, camera. And from there, I’ve been using analog-SLR camera, DSLR camera, and now mirrorless camera (because it’s just more practical for me).

Yet, I also often used my smart phone camera for taking food pictures – usually for my blogs, my social media, and digital publishing.

From what I’ve been doing all this long, the technical is important to get this professional-great-photos. There are lots of books, courses, and posts on this.

But there are other aspects that can improve my (and your) photos – it’s the creative side. And this is what I want to write on this blog. How to channel to my (your!) creative side, using tips, tricks, and prompts.

Taking great pictures need lots and lots of exercises – trials and errors. Too, the will to learn, the nerve to try, and the guts to be criticized.

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