Inspiration: Reference and Preference

Just like any other photography, to be able to find the style that I like, I love to browse on food pictures. And it’s usually not a how-to food photography books.

I looked for styles on food magazines, food blogs, social media (Instagram and Pinterest), and even at my friends pics. Not only food, some times I found inspiration on travel magazines/blogs, or cultural photos.

It gave different perspectives on food.

But, the learning did not stop there. It was never only about preferences. Normally I started asking myself, why I did like the specific photos. Or, vice versa, why I did not like the photos?

Was it the composition? The colour? The lighting? Or I simply did not like the subject? Why?

Lots of why-s.

Then, if it’s possible, I tried to look for ways to enhance the photos that I did not like – based on my preference. Should they took it from different angles? Should they put other props in the frame? And more.

As for the photos that I like, some times I try to recreate it. Not exactly the same, but only the part of it: the composition, the props, the colour, etc.

These are some examples of what I wrote:

Pic. 1
Do not like.

  • The composition makes it looks like a photo taken without any effort. Like the photos that you used for documentation only.
  • It has two background, and distract the balance on the composition.
  • If I was to recreate this, I would look for other background, and I would take the god’s eye view angle.
Pic 2, from

Pic. 2

  • Full of colour, full background, lots of object but did not overlaps.
  • Overhead angle, one of my favorite angle, because it also could share a story.
  • The picture was so vibrant, that I can smell the spices.

Your turn.
What’s food pics do you like? Why? Did you ever recreate it? And what about the one that you do not like? Why?

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