Best Angles for Food Photography

One of the important factors in food photography is the angle. A different angle can bring out the details of the food. Also, it tells a different story.

Knowing which angle fits the situation can help develop a great image and deliver the message.

As you might know, there are lots of purposes behind a food photo-shoot. So, there are lots of different messages to deliver. Which one is yours?

There are at least three best camera angles for food photography.

First, the STRAIGHT ON.
This is taken straight from the side. This is best for food which stacks, or food with much details on the side/inside than the top.

Straight on.

Second, the BIRD’S EYE.
This angle is quite fluid, because there is no exact point on where you will have the best shot. The camera can be between 25-75. The detail of the food matters to what point you decide to take the picture.

Bird’s eye.

Third, TOP DOWN.
Surely, this angle is popular on social media. This shows the background on where the food lays, thus the background also plays an important role for the message you are delivering. Work with it, just like painting a canvas.

Top down.

Your turn.
Try to take pictures of any food, using these angles. Look for the different stories in each picture. What are the pictures trying to tell?

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